Blooming Look, Heady Aroma: Modern Ideas For The Garden


What elements make up a perfect garden? How to make a garden look natural? Landscape designers and architects tell everyone about this.


Jenna Lynn is a perfumer who selects plants for her garden by scent. According to Jenna, plants with a strong aroma should not be planted nearby. It is best to plant them in different corners of the garden. After all, aromas, according to Jenna, decide everything.

Know Your Place

F. Huang loves gardening and believes that any garden should have a place to relax, where you can sit or lie down in silence, listening to the sounds of nature. It is best to equip such a place near the house. So that the recreation area is not overgrown with grass, it can be covered with bricks, stones or wooden decking.

In the corner for relaxation, you need to install a canopy and only the necessary outdoor furniture. You can also add a closet for garden tools. It will not take up much space and will look harmonious.


Landscape architect advises to create a bright corner in the garden or on the balcony. This will help green spaces and bright furniture.

If there is not enough space on the balcony, then a light floor will visually help to expand it. It can be covered with stone slabs or painted wooden boards.

Wood furniture is perfect for the Australian climate. This colour goes well with natural green shades of plants. To maximize the use of space, it is necessary to use not only horizontal, but also vertical surfaces. You can use floor and hanging planters, as well as high modular containers. And do not forget the lighting.

Vertical A

Vertical garden works great, for which you need to choose the right plants. Swedish designer Michael Hillgren successfully uses this method of landscaping in the design of houses.


Landscape designer Patricia Fox advises planting vegetables, fruits and herbs in the garden. Hand-grown products are clean and eco-friendly. You will know exactly what your food is made of.