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Living room is part of home where you spend most of your leisure time, be it watching TV, reading newspaper, spending time with family or socializing with friends. Living room has surpassed importance of drawing room as it is commonly used to entertain guests. Living room is heart of your home and so important is its ambiance. The persona of living room is shaped by its furniture. Living room furniture does not only meet your daily needs but also add aesthetics to your home. display collection of living room furniture by top brands like Zanui, Brosa, Interior Secrets, Adairs, CAFE Lighting and Living, Dover Mason, Horgans, Kayu Estate, Vida and Co and more.

What It Takes To Have A Decent Set Of Living Room Furniture Online

This category furniture includes Sofa, armchairs, console tables, coffee tables, side tables, ottomans, sideboards, buffets and entertainment units. You can furnish your living room with all or some of them according to your need, space and budget. While selecting your furniture pieces for your living room theme of room shall be kept in mind. Colours and designs of furniture pieces shall be in harmony with each other and also with walls, ceiling and floor.

Materials Of Living Room Furniture

Wooden Furniture: Various kinds of wood depending upon their characteristics and availability are used to make furniture most known out of them are Birch, Ash, Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Larch, Fir, Spruce, Cedar and Pine wood .

Bamboo Furniture: As Bamboo its self is entirely different kind of wood so is making and knitting of furniture from bamboo.

Metallic Furniture: Steel, wrought iron, aluminum and different metal alloys are used to make furniture.

Plastic or Carbon Fiber Furniture: Plastic or Carbon fiber is commonly used in making of lawn and pool furniture. In living room furniture plastic is least found material.

Hybrid Furniture: Wood, Glass, metal, PVC pipe, hard board, leather, bamboo etc are combined to make hybrid piece of furniture.

Living Room Furniture In Australia

No matter what your design theme is whatever material you are looking for, has exceptionally wide range of colours in each category of living room in Australia. Matching or Contrasting furniture colour with design theme of living room makes the interior experiential phenomena for guests. Most commonly colours used in furniture are White, Off-white, chocolate, brown, rust, camel and black while to upholster the furniture with cushions and seats bright colours are also used.

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