4 Furniture Brands Start Impressing Australian Furniture Shoppers


We will talk about four furniture brands that are in demand nowadays in Australia!

In the Australia these furniture brands that are not so much famous but they are gradually developing their worth in the market.

Following are the 4 Furniture Brands Impressing Aussie


The brand began to produce its own products with an unusual design, including dining chairs, entertainment units, office desks, sideboards and buffets and armchairs.

Today, Calibre works with designers around the world, not being afraid to experiment and invent distinctive objects.

Citron Life

The brand is known for its minimalist design, for which its admirers of the Scandinavian style worship. Designers of Citron Life get numerous fans of modernism actively promoted a combination of technology and art, spending years in the search of the right “recipe” for curved plywood, from which most of their objects are made.

The hot selling objects of Citron Life are coffee tables, entertainment units and sofas.


It is an Australian brand, famous for its MDF furniture. Designers of CitySide thanks to the iconic MDF and plywood entertainment unit that is in every third Scandinavian interior.

Their design is always recognizable – elegant MDF in tandem with curved plywood. The reception furniture has become an elegant classic, the Granger Walnut & White Entertainment Unit is the most popular entertainment unit in the Australia.

Eastern Warehouse

The furniture design of Eastern Warehouse is bright, unusual and beautiful. Together with other designers, the founder managed to develop dozens of wood, MDF, Fabric and Metal items – from Aleksander Desk and Bruno 5-Piece Lazie Woven Leather Dining Set.

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